A Quality of Life Worth Protecting

Maureen “Mo” Muir for 76th Assembly District

By Council Member Mark Muir

Mark & Mo

Since I co-publish this newsletter, I felt it was fair for me to share this obviously biased, yet truthful perspective about my wife, Maureen “Mo” Muir, who many of you probably know is running for the 76th Assembly District.  Not only is she a wonderful mom and wife, she’s an outstanding leader and an exceptional policy-maker.  She has volunteered and been very active in our community for over a decade, working on non-profit assignments that enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Whether it’s volunteering at the library, cleaning-up the beach, counseling kids, or being a School Board Member, she always gives 100%.  As a policy maker overseeing a $135M annual budget, she has a proven record as someone who has consistently implemented balanced budgets, fought for accountability and transparency in our schools, and opposed wasteful spending.  She knows providing quality education for our children is critical to our state’s prosperity.  Over 40% of our state’s budget funds education, yet California lags far behind many states in performance.  She understands that we need critical education reforms to prepare the next generation for success.

Mo Muir believes our North County quality of life is worth protecting, and as our representative in Sacramento, she’ll fight on behalf of our community.  Mo will fight for policies that ensure we continue to have good-paying jobs, safe communities, quality schools, and a clean environment.

As your Sacramento representative, she will also fight for North County to ensure a fair share of funding for transportation, local projects, and public safety.  She’ll protect our wallets and our environment because both are vital to a healthy and prosperous California by:

 • Opposing the plan to allow offshore drilling.

 • Opposing the Gas and Water Tax.

 • Supporting policies to promote sustainable energy and protect our water quality.

 • Ensuring adequate funding for beach restoration and sand replenishment.

 • Protecting our open spaces.

Get to know more about Mo by visiting www.momuirforassembly.com

Additional Credentials:  Graduate, University of San Diego, Masters in Governance, President of a non-profit, Vice President of a high school district.

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Mo Muir will keep it that way!  If you want to protect our North County quality of life, vote Maureen “Mo” Muir for State Assembly on June 5th.


Mark Muir