Artists Live Here: Rosemary KimBal

Rosemary (Smith) KimBal was a “local” before the term was ever coined. Born in Cardiff in the early 1940’s, her first family home was on the property of the current Beach House Restaurant.  Her mother, Dorothea Smith, moved to Cardiff in 1931 at the age of 14. Her father, Milton Smith, owned Smith Construction Company, which built the building where the Kraken is today, using it as an office and storage yard. He also built Cardiff Elementary School in 1950 (it had been the Cullen School until then). Rosemary went to Cardiff Elementary and then to San Dieguito High School, graduating in 1957.

Today, Rosemary is a contemporary zen painter and owner of Dancing Brush® Studios in Cardiff.  She creates large paintings with paint she makes herself by grinding ink with water.  Then she dips her over-sized paint brushes into the paint and sweeps the color across her canvas.  Each piece is made quickly, but she spends hours contemplating her movements prior to starting.

Samples of Rosemary’s art (courtesy of Dancing Brush Studio)

Her studio, Dancing Brush, is in an older brick building a few steps from her home that has been modified for creating her pieces as well as teaching individuals and groups.  She offers workshops, demonstrations, seminars and consultations in Chinese painting as well as Feng Shui, Chinese face reading and Tai Chi.

Rosemary uses over-sized brushes and quick motions to create her pieces.

You can view some of her works at the Gardens of Ink Art Exhibit currently running at San Diego Botanical Gardens, ending August 31.

Rosemary also works with mosaic tile.

Visit her website at to see more of her work and to contact her.