August 2018

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Mark Muir:  Cannabis & Housing

locomotive at the old station

Locomotive passing old station

Cardiff Historical Site Unearthed – UPDATED

Two Years of Progress on Critical Water Issues

Business: Michael Cerrito, Owner of Plumerias By The Sea

Artists Live Here: Rosemary KimBal

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VIDEO: Celebrity Mike Rowe surprises the Parents of the Late Ian “Poods” Barry

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Royal Terns are Back in Cardiff

Sat, 8/11/18

Four Royal Terns were seen north of the lagoon outlet.  They were being monitored by the local seagull mafia.

Fun Facts:
(1) Royal Terns have a mostly white plumage and a distinctive carrot-shaped, orange bill;
(2) A group of Royal Terns is collectively known as “highness”;
(3) The oldest recorded Royal Tern was 30+ years.

Featured Cardiff Bestie

Name, Age:  Trixie, 6-1/2 years old
Breed:  Australian Shepherd
Fun Times:  Chasing Baxter, the 18 pound cat who lives with Trixie