April 2018

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Breaking:  Neighbors Lawsuit – Documents Found
Primer:  Granny Flats in Encinitas
Post Office: Seaside Meeting Update
Water:  Seeking Bright Ideas
State of the City
Your Surf Break: How’s That Crowd?

Dogs and Summer – Be SAFE
Neighbor Sit-Down:  Kristin Mayer of Betty Designs
Chefs Live Here: Elena Berman

Featured Cardiff Bestie
Name: Leo, 7 years young

 Breed: Golden Retriever
Fun Times: Hike, run, swim.. anything in nature

Leo’s mom says, “His favorite hangout is by far seaside market.
He’s been going there almost daily since he was a puppy.
He loves the attention he gets sitting outside while mom shops, and
is partial to belly rubs and regularly makes people smile.”

Leo enjoys nature and the wildflowers in the Cardiff Rail Corridor