Past Issues

November 2018  (No issue this month)

October 2018

Surfers crossing in Cardiff

TOP 10 ISSUES: CARDIFF / DISTRICT 3 CANDIDATE COMPARISONS  |  Verdi Underpass: Clearing Up the Confusion  |  Leucadia Streetscape Whiteboard  |  Living Shoreline Project to Begin  |  Signs Signs, Everywhere are Signs!  |  Finally – Fall Sunsets are Back  |  Will these Improvements Make the Mess Worth It?

September 2018

Somerset Ave – City Considers Park Gate Here – Mark Muir still saying “No” to any gate  | Meet Captain Taft, Our New Sheriff  |  Neighbor Sit-Down: George Hahn, Creator of Wormgold |Business: PHITGroup Outside Gym  |  An Island for our Lagoon  |  Cardiff’s PCG Makes the List of “Most Scenic Restaurants”  |  Crape Myrtle Trees at ECP  |  Video of Cardiff by Chase Paisley

August 2018

royal terns arrive in cardiff

Mark Muir: Cannabis & Housing  |  Cardiff Historical Site Unearthed – UPDATED  |  Business: Michael Cerrito, Owner of Plumerias By The Sea  |  Artists Live Here: Rosemary KimBal  |  VIDEO: Celebrity Mike Rowe surprises the Parents of the Late Ian “Poods” Barry  |  Royal Terns are Back in Cardiff  |  New Nature Series at the San Elijo Lagoon

July 2018

Mark Muir: Historic Water Deal Provides Less Expensive, More Reliable Supplies | Local Kent Menendez Wins Silver in Golf | Housing Element – Tied Vote Delays Decision | Cardiff State Beach Restoration Receives Award | Neighbor Sit-Down: Lori Roark with Lilygirl | Fruit pickers – SD Gleaners | Business – Zenbu is out | Artists Live Here – Doug Crozier

June 2018

Mark Muir Declares Candidacy | Palm Tree Removed | Housing Element | Starlight Gate  Cost TRIPLES | Neighbor Wars | Local Solves Trash Problem | Campground Under Construction | BEAM Orthodontics Opens in Cardiff

May 2018

Rail Trail Begins | Verdi Crossing | School District vs. Preservation Society | A Quality of Life Worth Protecting | Housing Element – Cardiff Stays (Mostly) Out of the Fray | Tim Stillinger Pays it Forward at SELC | Sand Replenishment: Survey Results & Your Questions Answered | Custom Bikinis & New Campstore Restaurant | SDA’s Equestrian Team & Cardiff Soccer Summer Camps | New Mural by Skye Walker

April 2018

Documents Found in Lawsuit | Primer: Granny Flats in Encinitas | Post Office Update | SDUHSD College Night | Your Surf Break: How’s That Crowd? | Dogs and Summer | Neighbor Sit-Down: Kristin Mayer of Betty Designs  Chefs Live Here: Elena Berman

March 2018

Post Office, Housing Element, Cardiff Soccer and more

February 2018

Lawsuit: Neighbors vs Encinitas
Eli Howard Surf School
Artists Live Here: LaMonte Lamoureux
Swing Dancing by Rich Bray
and more…

January 2018

Crime – Is it Better or Worse?
Why We Now Have a Rep to Council
Neighbor Sit Down: Bob Bonde
Sewage Upgrade at So. Cardiff Beach
Real Estate – A 14-year Overview
Business: Hello and Goodbye
Poets Live Here