Verdi Underpass: Mark Muir Clears Up the Confusion

Surfers crossing in Cardiff

SANDAG site workers have been allowing locals to pass through the job site during construction of the Coastal Railtrail.  But, the engineer on site told The Cardiff Current that the permanent fence will be built this December and there will be no crossings allowed after that. The fence will run from Swami’s Underpass down to Chesterfield Ave, with no openings, gates, or crossings.

Mark Muir at the Oct. 17 Council meeting

With the work being done to improve drainage near the intersection of Verdi and San Elijo Avenues, residents in the area were hopeful that they were seeing the beginning of the new under crossing. Councilmember Mark Muir says he’s been inundated with calls and emails regarding the work in the rail corridor so he asked City Manager Karen Brunst to clarify the project’s status at the October 17th Council Meeting.

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