October 2018

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Top 10 Issues:  Cardiff / District 3 Candidate Comparisons

Surfers crossing in Cardiff

Beach access is closing in December. Click image to enlarge. Click below to watch video clip.

Verdi Underpass: Mark Muir Clears Up the Confusion

Leucadia Streetscape Whiteboard

Leucadia Streetscape Whiteboard

Mark Muir campaign signs

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Beach Upgrades From George’s to Seaside Reef: Living Shoreline Project

Also, see the SELC Notice here


More in the Newsletter…. Will the Upgrades be Worth It?, and Fall Sunsets

Featured Cardiff Bestie is a KITTY!


Name, Age:  Sage, 3-1/2 years old
Breed:  Bengal
Fun Times:  Pestering her human dad, playing with her feather toy, and exploring her Cardiff backyard.