Cardiff Woman Solves Trash Problem at George’s Beach

Susan Schein has been walking along our beaches for decades.  She remembers there used to be trash cans at George’s Beach (across from Las Olas) but they’ve been gone for several years.  Now when she walks there she sees litter and bags of dog poop.  She tried numerous times to bring this to the attention of the City as well as San Elijo State Park administration, often receiving the same answer, “there isn’t enough money to budget for trash cans in that area”.

Recently she wrote to The Cardiff Current… “Please address the issue of needed trash cans at George’s dog beach.  Trash and dog doo are left on the sand and rocks.  I have been exploring this issue for years.  How can you have a dog beach with no trash cans?  There used to be three trash cans along the rocks next to the road:  (1) Near the stop light; (2) Near the beach access by Chart House Parking Lot; and (3) Near the [south] end of the highway parking where the ‘no parking sign starts’.  Also, it sends an ugly message to visitors when there is trash and dog doo everywhere (see photo).”

Councilmember Mark Muir forwarded the request to City Manager Karen Brunst, who then sent it on to Parks and Recreation Director Jennifer Campbell.

Then, this week Councilmember Muir received good news from Director Campbell:  “I just wanted you to know that State Parks got back to me and will be adding some additional garbage cans to their beach area.  It is not right on the beach due to the tides and truck accessibility but near the path closest to Highway 101.”

We’ll be following up to make sure the trash cans find their way to George’s.

Many thanks to Susan for not giving up!